Most of our readers should be familiar with the indie-electronic duo Majik by now, so let’s skip the biographical details and head straight into their newest track ‘How It Is’. Once again, Marcus Fowler and Jamie Mac collect elements of R&B, trip-hop, indie-pop for a swimming, beat-laden piece of ambient electronica. The character of this song is the bouncing, rap-like lyrics in Fowler’s distinctive lustful tones  - “And I won’t stop, can’t stop; this is how it is” - over trip-hop beats, atmospheric guitar notes and momentum-building piano progressions. It’s unclear exactly what this song is about - a struggle for certain, but is it one of growing up, states of unrest, emotional turmoil, chasing your dreams no matter how out-of-reach they may seem? In many ways you can apply your own meaning to Majik’s multi-faceted tones, reflecting against the peaceful backdrop of steadily paced rhythms. Alongside earlier releases ‘High’, ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘27’, ‘How It Is’ completes Majik’s new EP, Under The Influence, which is out now. If you also happen to be around London on November 16th, head over to The Social to see Majik bring the full EP to life. - HT