When we heard the new one from South London's musical mavericks Horsey we knew we had to write about it. However, reducing a track with so many unexpected twists and turns into mere words on a screen is proving considerably more difficult. Standing firmly in the running for weirdest track of the year so far, 'Bread & Butter' begins with an eerie, repetitive keys line and an unsettling bass intro before bursting into life with a pounding drum beat and a series of unpredictable guitar solos that exist between the realms of Captain Beefheart and Girl Band. The idiosyncratic vocals of frontmen Theo McCabe and Jacob Read lower the tone, but only for a little while as they dive swiftly into a jazzy upbeat chorus before repeating the whole mad process again. Growing in intensity each time, the track takes a woozy detour around the 3 minute 40 mark that'll leave you feeling delirious and questioning the meaning of life itself. But don't take our word for it, listen here now. -Holly Mullineaux