Our stream of summer-ready tracks continues this week with West Coast cruisers courtship. and another one of their faultlessly feelgood tunes ‘Sunroof’. Following on from the uplifting vibes of ‘Stop For Nothing’, ‘Love For Everyone’ and ‘Sail Away’, the duo Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon are back with more carefree notes of joy, exercised through addictive pop melodies, relentless percussion, ‘60s surfer vibes and plenty of synthwork. As with every track, courtship.’s hallmark is an anthemic central phrase that sums up everything the song is trying to put across. In this instance, “you know we’re gonna do what we do best, best, so won’t you open up the sunroof in my head, in my head?”, becomes the song's key chant. It also reflects the mindset that Hirsch and Gordon were in while writing ‘Sunroof’, as they explain: “From a young age, we’re all told about this pathway to “success and happiness,” just go to college, get married, etc. We all know this is pretty much bullshit, yet everyone finds themselves, at one point or another, questioning whether to follow their heart, or their head. “Sunroof” is just a friendly reminder of which one to choose.” Make your own choices but an especially good one would be to keep listening to courtship.. - HT