Liverpool’s Zuzu returns with ‘What You Want’, another posturing, grunge-pop hit. It follows the impressive single ‘Get Off’, which had just about everyone (us included) raving about this promising alternative rock hope. Based on an insatiable melody that will have you cooing away, ‘What You Want’ has plenty of bite beneath that indie-pop hook, as the British artist resentfully sings in her passive Courtney Barnett-esque tone, “This is what we’re supposed to be, hopeless and carefree.” Speaking on the new track, Zuzu explained that “I wrote this song when I was 18. It’s about how I wish my teenage years went down. I spent most of the time being someone that other people wanted me to be.” This insight perhaps helps you to understand the video a little more, in which a lacklustre Zuzu hires “existential detectives” who follow her around taking notes and making remarks on her everyday routines. It’s a video that’s bound to make you smile, recalling or maybe even living your own teenage identity crisis, all the while moving along to those electric riffs and easy-going rhythms. - HT