For White Kite’s third release, the band display yet another level of their diverse approach to indie-electronica. So far, we’ve heard heavy-handed synths in ‘26’, digital pop melodies in official debut ‘Swans’, and now this dynamic four-piece coax dark minimalism in new single ‘Curtain Call’. Even the title is thoroughly dramatic and nihilistic. With honest statements like “I’m calling time on this” and “Don’t want to put on a show anymore” in Louis Shadwick’s falsetto croon, the comparisons between a stage performance and doomed relationship are drawn up clearly. The dark, theatrical tone of the instrumentation further make it clear that there’s no happy ending to be found in ‘Curtain Call’. The bass-laden synths swell beneath a slick trap arrangement, breathy vocal samples and piano progressions that provide a subtle dose of indie-pop melody. What you really want to listen out for is the section starting at 3:15 - that majorly fuzzed and moody guitar with sparse, sparkling synth notes. We can really imagine ‘Curtain Call’ coming into the fore in a live setting, with plenty of backlighting and the bass up high to accentuate this enigmatic recording. - HT