‘Bodies’ is the second single from Wafia’s forthcoming VII EP. Whilst the first single '83 Days’ mused the bruising first days of heartbreak, ‘Bodies’ takes its inspiration from the moment when Wafia’s Syrian family were rejected entry to Australia despite escalating conflict at home. The honesty and sincerity of the lyrical content is especially moving, with uncomfortable lines such as ‘All our friends are watching us / How did it become so serious? / Something in the air is dangerous / Everybody here is watching us.’ ‘Bodies’ is both a moving indictment of the refugee crisis and a fantastic electropop record. Speaking about the track, Wafia says: “I wanted to draw similarities between the large groups of Syrian refugees walking miles to safety and those that can protest freely in the western world. I can’t think of anything more human and simple than reminding ourselves that we are fragile bodies but the strength that can come of bodies in large numbers." ‘Bodies’ is part of Wafia's VII EP, which is due for release on 13th October via tastemaker label Future Classic. -HM