Last year we praised Venture Lows’ “bratty, earwormy debut song‘Summer/RIP’, which introduced us to London-based pair Hassan Anderson (lead vocals) and George Williams (bass.) Since then, they’ve invited second bass player Neil Tollit and incorporated a mechanic band member, a drum machine, to flesh out their boystrous indie-rock sound. Their first release of 2017, ‘Brenda’, promises a year of quietly cultivated tracks with a suitably noisy start. Two minutes of high tempo drum kicks and constant bass burns brightly in what sounds like early, and more energetic, Bombay Bicycle Club. Anderson’s bold performance of speedy sentences and sustained notes is the perfect fit for a tightly compact track that is thoroughly moreish. Here’s a tip for anyone living in or around London, look out for the exclusive Venture Lows matchboxes featuring a unique physical release of ‘Brenda’ available in record shops and venues across the city. - HT