It’s time to enroll in School of X, the solo project of Rasmus Littauer, who expresses an open-armed approach to this creative education - "School of X is a school for everyone and everything. You could say that I’m a student as well as everybody else is, in their own way.” ‘Words’ is actually School of X’s second release and was written with Littauer’s brother in order to explore dualism and escapism, particularly what it means to hold on to what you already have while having a burning desire for something else. Proposed as a highly personal song to the Danish musician, it’s suitable that a bold drum rhythm holds the space-age synths and hazy vocals all together, in the least because Littauer is best known as the drummer for fellow Dane MØ and electronic mega-stars Major Lazer. Almost until the end, ‘Words’ is set up in a reflective manner, with nostalgia and melancholy lying heavy in School of X’s contemporary pop soul, but then a surge of passion arrives, a disruptive fuzz that threatens to break apart the whole track. We eagerly look forward to School of X’s next lesson. - HT