Today, we at The Most Radicalist have the great pleasure of premiering a track plucked from the very first release on contemporary classical label, Cognitive Shift Recordings (the intriguing brainchild of Manners McDade and One Little Indian). Roger Goula’s original composition, the haunting ‘Awe’, is a beautifully wretched affair, enveloping the listener in shrouds of bone-chilling strings, swathes of monochrome ambience and a sprinkling of electronic debris. However, on this, the remix from Phaeleh, we find the Bristolian producer harnessing the stunning solemnity of Goula’s original, while latching onto the track’s underlying electronic elements and decisively casting them into the murky underworld of UK house and garage. The result is thoroughly cinematic electronic music, at once of the skies and of the club. With a digital EP to drop on April 29th we suggest keeping a keen eye on all parties involved. - KJ