The rise of Bristolian all-rounder Raleigh Ritchie over the past couple of years has been something quite brilliant to witness. He’s certainly made a musical name for himself with his modern tracks seasoned with R&B, soul and Hip-Hop and carrying his personal evaluations. The introductory couplet in new song ‘Sicko’, “maybe, I’m just sick” contemplates his weird side, the one that doesn’t quite fit, that isn’t quite perfect, but he’s uncertain as to what that means. Questioning your identity, even on the smallest scale, is an entirely relatable subject, put across to the listener through a soulful croon, but also the sharp-tongued rap verse. You can even read into the effort of trying to keep up with yourself in the vocal effects, with pitch and tempo plays, while the consistent Hip-Hop beat and old school keys acting as life’s constant flow. Tracing Raleigh Ritchie’s discography, like dark herald to the underdogs in ‘Stay Inside’, or ‘Stronger Than Ever’ with its tale of trying to make it in London, or praise of imperfection in ‘Bloodsport’, ‘Sicko’ is another song for the almost-outsider. - HT