Last year, we picked up on Los Angeles singer-songwriter Nina Luna though ‘Goodbye Forever’, a track in collaboration with London musician-producer Lex Low, of which we praised the “watery electronics, pretty pop synths and R&B-soaked trap beats, [as well as] Nina Luna’s silky vocals.” Today, we’re proud to premiere a brand new track from the American talent - ‘Tell You Now’. Nina Luna explains the meaning behind this delicate, pop electronica song - it “was inspired by a moment I had with someone, this incredibly physical and visceral experience of actually having to pull these words back in just as I was about to say them because it wasn’t the right time. The experience stuck with me so vividly and I wanted to describe it as honestly as possible.” With sparkly synth keys, steady beats and ambient nature recordings (possibly cicadas), “The song is a dreamy reflection on what could still be.” The imagery that Nina Luna conjures via evocative lyricism and a climbing vocal octave, through which we hear her desperate struggle to contain her truth. ‘Tell You Now’ is a song of “what ifs”, of wishing things could have been done differently, and so the floating textures with overlapping vocals and melodies reflect the varying strains of thoughts, imagined scenarios and memory. It’s a thoroughly spellbinding single from Nina Luna, a name worth looking out for in the future. - HT