We first introduced you to the Los Angeles singer, songwriter and producer jy last year with his electronic pop-R&B serenade ‘Pink & Blue’, and today we’re overjoyed to premiere his new single ‘Glide’. Jy’s romantic soul is on full show again in this blissful piece of electronica, which quite literally glides through the speakers imbuing the atmosphere with a sense of hopeful longing. There’s a deft movement to this track, as the layers of astral synths, reverberated guitar notes, sensual beats and jy’s soothing vocals blend into one another. Despite being a largely electronic single, there’s a warm, organic feel to ‘Glide’, as with all of jy’s music, and this probably has a lot to do with his involved approach to producing and engineering his music. ‘Glide’ further delves into the desire to fall in love, and perhaps the overtly dreamy textures here act as a contrast to the central refrain 'wake me up until I fall in love with you'. Essentially, ‘Glide’ is a request to make this amorous dream a reality. - Hannah Thacker

Photo credit: Anthony Balmeo