It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were raving over the brilliance of Owen Rabbit’s ‘Oh My God’ and equally excited about the news that an EP “will be out hell soon”, as in Owen’s words. Well, the soon has come and his ONE EP is here. A home recorded and self produced collection that showcases Australian songwriter Owen Rees’ immense range. As he tells us, “I wanted to make a record that covered a lot of ground. There’s pop songs, ambience, instrumentals, happy moments, sad moments. I wanted to get as much out of my gear as I could.” With seven new tracks to contend with, it was always going to be tough choosing just one to write about, indeed we could have picked any of these stunning songs, but the sheer beauty and variation of ‘Someday The Rain Is Gonna Come’ makes it one worth noting. Here Owen Rabbit blows hot and cold, cramming as many styles in there as possible. There’s the simple guitar and brushed drum verses, a touch of folk in Rees’ tender vocals that reach out to a distant loved one. Several times throughout the track, Owen Rabbit takes flight into instrumental bridges raining down with spiky synths and energetically struck drums. ‘Someday The Rain Is Gonna Come’ may be a tale of two halves, but as a whole, the EP reveals so many more and presents this Melbourne-based talent as highly imaginative, creative and a real one to keep watching. - HT