Listening to Odina’s vocoder-drenched song ‘I’ll Carry You’, you might assume that this is a encouraging message to a friend or lover, but the Spanish producer goes much deeper than that. As she explains, "I wrote it to myself in this kind of empowering process, to remind myself in those very dark moments that not everything is as bad as it seems." The song itself is tender and intimate, with Odina’s sweet vocal affirming herself over a soothing Bon Iver-esque production of folky guitar and floating synths. The lyrics are echoed in a heavily vocoded version of Odina’s own voice, here acting as backing vocals and giving these words an extra hidden strength. Each time we hear the line 'to make you feel special / to make you feel strong,' the track becomes bolder until we at least reach the finishing crescendo of glorious saxophone, rich guitar and Odina’s unique talent for production. In her own words, ‘I’ll Carry You’ is a reminder that “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel." - Hannah Thacker