Wednesday marked the return of prolific remixer and electro-producer Valerio Dittrich (aka MOTSA), unveiling a typically atmospheric cut entitled ‘Colours’ - also featuring the serene vocal-work of Hearts Hearts frontman: David Österle. As its floral artwork suggests, ‘Colours’ is a track primarily born out of organic material – majestic grand piano chords, the rich timbres of a plucked harp, amorphous vocal whispers - before electronically manipulating these elements in a mellifluous electro-acoustic blend. This, alongside sweeping glacial synths and muscular beats, make for an especially vital listen. Scheduled for release on 4th November, ‘Colours’ marks the first single off Dittrich’s fantastic new Petricolour EP (and the first release on his very own label imprint of the same name). With a European tour in the works for late 2016/2017, MOTSA’s clearly a busy man… we must make sure we keep up with him. – KJ