Molly Moore’s ‘Now You See Me’ is a dark song for dark times. The prolific songwriter took a dive into the shadowy quarters of pop and R&B and has come to the surface with a vengeful tone in her voice backed by tribal beats that takes shape as Moore’s fighting stance. “You think I’m playing, you play the fool, I’ll keep on sending my growl, no mind to you.” Growl is exactly how we’d describe Moore’s vocal approach here. She’s like a tigress stalking her prey; preparing for the inevitable collision. This hard-hitting song really stands out against her previous work, which to give it credit had been edging towards this more potent sound, such as the fired-up guitars in precursor ‘Violet Sky’. It’s also illuminating to hear that this track was built on recollection, looking back over her journey so far. She places the emphasis on this stream-of-consciousness in her words. It’s undoubtedly the perfect track to head up the LA-via-NYC artist’s new EP, also titled Now You See Me, a six-track work crammed with vitality from a highly promising talent. - HT