The first song from Dutch artist LUWTEN is ‘Go Honey’, a hushed weaving and bobbing kind of track that employs soft strings, meditative percussion and lo-fi vocal effects to produce an almost spiritual atmosphere. As the cover art implies, this song levitates above earthly realms, the various elements barely seeming to touch the ground at any point. LUWTEN’s melodious, unreaching voice is resolute and perfectly times with the unusual percussion, which is not all that dissimilar to an Indonesian gamelan ensemble. Putting aside the possible Eastern influence, this Amsterdam-based newcomer fits in snugly alongside other lo-fi advocates such as Sufjan Stevens, Lianne La Havas and Nick Hakim; the last particularly from the 2:10 to 2:45 mark. If you’ve been pulled in by LUWTEN’s ‘Go Honey’, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this track heads up her forthcoming debut album, due Spring 2017. - HT