London's Westerman has just announced details of his new EP Ark, sharing its self-described lynchpin lead track 'Albatross'. Continuing his partnership with producer/songwriter Bullion, 'Albatross' is another enchanting slice of soothing alt-pop from the Blue Flowers signee. Channelling the late, great Arthur Russell, otherworldly synthesizers caress the mix, melting on top of vibrating guitars, atmospheric chord sequences and Westerman's buttery vocals. Discussing the track he explained, "'Albatross' is set on a lake in my mind where I go to escape the worries of day to day existence. It's a more innocent and natural place. There is a growing impingement on that place as time starts to feel like it moves faster, and more demands emerge. The song looks at that threat both to the physical environment and our own psychology through the inevitability of an ever changing landscape." Ark will arrive on the 9th of November. -Holly Mullineaux