Domino signing and revered cult hero Richard Dawson has announced the follow up to his criminally underrated 2017 album Peasant. Bursting forth with his boldest offering to date, 'Jogging' is a highly motivational slice of genre-defying genius that transforms seemingly banal, everyday thoughts into whimsical medieval-inspired vocal melodies. Touching on elements of traditional folk, metal and even cyber-pop, the 7-plus minute epic is a deeply personal exploration of Dawson's struggles with anxiety. Turning his attention to the increasingly hostile environment in the UK around the 5 minute mark, sonically, 'Jogging' remains triumphant and inspirational, using his newfound love of exercise as a much-needed escape from negativity. Richard Dawson's new album 2020 will be released on the 19th of October. -Holly Mullineaux