If you’ve been paying even the mildest interest to the UK music scene, and more specifically London, you won't have missed the impressive talent that is Rationale. Over the past couple of years, the British breakout has been building up an effective playbook of soulful vocals and ‘80s pop, fleshed out with heartfelt lyrics and fascinating visuals. We certainly fell for the deft sounds of ‘Prodigal Son’, ‘Something For Nothing’, ‘The Mire’, ‘Fuel To The Fire’, ‘Re.Up’ and ‘Fast Lane’. Safe to say, we quite like Rationale’s previous work and also find ourselves grooving to his latest release ‘Loving Life’. This two-stepping dance track will most likely come as a surprise to listeners more used to his Tears For Fears-esque style, but ‘Loving Life’ is an excellent example of the artist’s versatility. As per usual, his vocals stand out, soaring gracefully above the playful electronic melodies. We’re encouraged to take note from the song’s title - dancing, eyes closed, totally blissed out and loving life. - HT