The siren call of nostalgia is one that tempts both listener and musician alike into its rose-tinted grip time and time again. Retrospectivity is nothing new to the world of songwriting, but it’s a familiar relatability that we can’t seem to get enough of. US pop artist Patrick Martin knows this all too well and in fact his take on the sentimental is “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.” ‘Wonder Years’ bursts with anthemic hopefulness as Martin flicks through romanticized memories of past relationships and summer flings. As he further explains,  ”I tend to romanticize nostalgia, so this record is my reflecting on some of those times and wondering if what I experienced was deeper than I realized at the time.  I’m asking all the people I’ve ever had anything with, “Do You Wonder?” because if we’re both wondering, maybe we missed out on something extraordinary. ” Fittingly for such an enormous single, ‘Wonder Years’ is the lead track from Martin’s new EP of the same name, out now on B-Unique Records and wherever you listen to the good stuff. - Hannah Thacker