Following the release of ONUR’s debut EP, A Millennial Rhapsody, the 22-year-old Londoner gives listeners a peek behind the scenes with the video for EP track ‘Beautiful Time’. Directed by Jasper-Cable Alexander, the rough-cut footage is soundtracked by the equally raw sounds of this alternative R&B tune. It begins with chunky synths and separated beats, with ONUR’s arresting falsetto coming out on top. After the introduction, the broken beats fold into left-field guitars for a hedonistic chorus worthy of this millennial voice: “I like it / You know it / And babe, we’re having a beautiful time.” Beyond the generous soul and British R&B interpretation, ‘Beautiful Time’ is also the story of ONUR’s childhood, as he explains: “I was always a very unpopular kid at school. I never really got invited out to all the parties and I was never the flagship boy. Being of a different ethnic background, in a very white middle class school, meant I stood out, which was hard for me to deal with. This song tells a tale of the impact of people’s actions on my emotions during my school life, but at the same time, also exclaiming the realisation that present times are beautiful, different and I’m here to enjoy them.” So with that in mind, let’s listen to ONUR’s music and enjoy the here and now. - Hannah Thacker