Hailing from North London, Natty Wylah is an exciting new name on the UK scene, with his music taking note from grime, UK hip-hop, jazz and indie. We hear these elements throughout new single ‘WHOAMI’, a paced beat-driven tune that sticks a middle finger up to ignorance and prejudice. Throughout the track, Wylah’s cutting words deal with the contentious subject of identity and society’s need to box people in. There are plenty of take home phrases, but we love the strength of delivery in particular here: “I ‘aint from England, / I ‘aint from China, / So fuck off with your labels, / Product of environment, / I’m summit like a hyacinth, / Busting through the pavements.” The murky production leads us towards a time past daylight; drenched in the moonlight that seeps into so much of Natty Wylah’s creativity. Go in search of those lunar rays by keeping close to this undeniable one-to-watch. - Hannah Thacker