Shared on his Facebook page as “New music 4 tha club. Not on the album, just because…”, Mura Masa has given us two fresh cuts ‘WAVE’ and ‘SOUL M8S’ that are as poorly-lit-dancefloor-ready as his social media message promises. While ‘Wave’ is a grime and dubstep infused floor-filler, ‘SOUL M8S’ is the EDM equivalent to a romantic slow dance. Channeling those Justin Bieber vibes with a poppy, auto-tuned line “our souls belong together,” the UK producer skilfully weaves a singular synth note, electronic beats, bird song samples, vocal slices, dull thudding bass in the 1:35 introduction. The song then pans out into ravey synths, EQ sweeps and atmospheric volume dips that take us right up towards the anticipation building rhythms. After that, we’re left to our own devices in the part digital, part organic soundscape that see no signs of letting up. Well, until the moment everything begins to slow down, a possible reggaeton sample dropped in the end and then birdsong to bring us down to earth level once more. - HT