Ten months ago, a highly mysterious project by the name Mulàn launched their debut single ‘Night’ with their equally intriguing manifesto - “Music created by 3 individuals for the sake of creation solely. Identity is secondary to the output yet, never forgotten. Mulàn are Mulàn.” Even more recently, the anonymous trio followed up with ‘Done.’, a steamy, guitar-laced number that was accompanied by another elusive comment - “Hey, sorry it’s been a while, just been waiting for the right time to say this. I’m done, we’re done. Mulàn.” For their third single ‘Pure’, there’s no further clues, our focus is centered solely on the sensuous, alt-R&B sound. Plenty of comparisons spring to mind while listening to ‘Pure’: the alluring vocals of Tender, the sparky strings of The 1975, the sweet samples and production value of Jai Paul. A tempting combination we just can’t seem to escape. - HT