It feels like there's been a lot of post-punk floating around over the last year or so, with some attempts sounding considerably better than others. Recent Sub Pop signees Moaning attack the genre with conviction, adding their own grungy twist on the dark and brooding sound that defined the 80s underground. Their newest single 'Artificial' is visceral and dramatic, capturing the more atmospheric side of post-punk with its Joy Division-esque reverb-laden drum sound and wide-chorus effect on the bass contrasted with scratchy Sonic Youth-inspired guitar lines. The euphoric chorus is shrouded in a deeper sadness as front man Sean Solomon's tortured vocals question, "Who is it for? Will you learn to share?" before concluding what we all already know about life, which is that "Nothing is fair." If you're a fan of The Cure, Nirvana and Interpol, Moaning could be your new favourite band. -HLMX