London’s Lucky Horses may have only begun releasing music six months ago, but that relatively recent start hasn’t hampered their confidence, which they’ve proven by not simply releasing a song, or a mixtape, or an EP in January, but their entire debut album. Bold, to say the least. The record titled Losing is a cosmic and somewhat experimental exploration of the middle-ground where organic songwriting meets electronic composition and production. With eye-catching song names like ‘My French is shit but I still want to be with you’ and ‘Fuck Tony’, how could we resist clicking that little play button? Of the eleven tracks, we’ve become particularly fond of ‘Terraces & Discos’ with its catchy refrain 'hitachi boys and two-tone girls'. Dream-pop textures define this track, with those far-off faded vocals and ‘80s synth aesthetics, while also making space for a subtle disco groove and off-kilter electronics. We especially enjoyed the break-down bridge between 0:40 and 1:05, which exposed Lucky Horse’s thinly veiled weirdness. Go ahead, give Lucky Horses a chance, what have you got to lose? - Hannah Thacker