The name Amber Rose is a familiar one to most us, whether we scan the covers of gossip magazines and tabloids while doing our weekly food shop or have a guilty pleasure for reading celebrity culture blogs, you’ll have most likely come across the story of Kanye West’s former girlfriend. She was defamed by the media, but has since reclaimed her narrative and become a feminist icon. Back in 2008, Hermixalot wrote a poem in support of Amber Rose and when LP Giobbi approached her for some lines on a new song, she kept returning to this poem. Now Animal Talk Records (the love child of LP Giobbi and Tucker Halpern and Sophie Hayley-Weld of SOFI TUKKER) has shared this complex, vibrant and unapologetic dance track worthy of Miss Rose. The collaboration between LP Giobbi and Hermixalot is a glorious ‘90s house anthem glittered with samples of resplendent horns, skittering electronic beats, cash registers, hand drums, beefy bass, classic house piano and even more we’re sure. ‘Amber Rose’ is all about empowerment, and we feel it’s only right that you read Hermixalot's essay about where this majestic tune all started. - Hannah Thacker