Brit School graduate Louis Centioni has been quietly testing the waters online for some years now, building up his sound that hits hard and heavy with soul. Now 22-years-old, the London based up-and-comer is confident with his music, although not necessarily matters of the heart, with his official debut ‘Unsure’. Centioni enters calm setting of tempered gospel keys and steady drum taps, chronicling his cold feelings in a relationship that’s bittersweet and ultimately addictive. Before we’ve even got into the full groove, LC climbs that unique vocal to a bold chorus, “‘cause you keep leaving me unsure.” Later, the chorus is expected, but with a surprise as the second time it delves into stuttered trap and various displays of Centinoni’s voice - from the spoken “‘cause I know what I need to do,” to ethereal whispers akin to Anil Sebastian, to dark vocal effects that wouldn’t go amiss on an early Låpsley single. ‘Unsure’ is a wonderful debut that really does make this young singer, songwriter and pianist one worth watching closely this year. - HT