Lila Drew’s has just released her debut single ‘Faded/2am’, and it's a beautiful entrance into the world of music. On the first half of the song Drew sings of how a relationship has failed and has her feeling 'jaded' in love asking, 'why would you do this, you promised me more', which lends a real feeling of sorrow to the song as she wants to understand why the relationship has come to this. GoldLink compounds the sentiment of the song stating, 'you just need trust, you just need someone to love'. On the track's second half there is a dramatic slowing in tempo as Drew continues to sing around the same refrain but somehow it hits a little harder in this more laid back and bare atmosphere. Though this is Drew’s first release she sings like a veteran and this will stand her in good stead for future releases, which we can’t wait for. – Christian St. Croix