The provocative pop-rock of Hertfordshire musician DIDI is reminiscent of rising contemporaries Zuzu, Alex Lahey and Vagabon who all source their songwriting from indie-rock, punk, singer-songwriter and riot grrrl influences. DIDI, aka Lauren Deakin Davies, in particular displays an aptitude for punchy hooks and catchy melodies in new single ‘Awkward’. Her words are direct, “what gives you the right to speak to us like this?” and vibrate with passion over the slapping drum beat and fired-up, shoegazey guitars. Speaking about the track which follows debut ‘Sorry’, DIDI tells us that “I’ve realized that the sentiment here may resonate with the often patronizing experiences that many people have told me they have, where people speak for you or think they know best. Which is why I want to associate actively with #endtheawkward.” - HT