A lot has changed for the South-Coast electro-pop outfit Curxes since we heard their debut album Verxes in 2015. After what has felt like a painfully long hiatus the former 3-piece consisting of singer and producer Roberta Fidora, multi-instrumentalist Macaulay Hopwood and drummer Camille Phillips have since parted ways, leaving front woman Roberta Fidora to regain total creative control. A relocation from Portsmouth to Ryde on the Isle of Wight has also played a part in the re-birth of Curxes providing a much-needed change of scenery and some time to reflect. 'In Your Neighbourhood' is the first taste of Curxes' recently announced sophomore album Guilded Cage, which will be released digitally on the 6th of October. It's gentler than the bombastic industrial synth-pop we're used to from the old Curxes, as warm analogue synthesizers ripple softly beneath Fidora's distinctively catchy yet brooding vocals. Co-written with former The Strange Death Of Liberal England member Andry Wright, it's a song about adjusting to new surroundings and embracing change. In true Curxes style, there's a cracking video to go with it, featuring more retro TVs than you can shake a stick at and an unbelievably cute puppet band, hand-crafted by Fidora herself. Curxes go on tour with 80s synth-pop legends Blancmange across the UK in a month's time. -HLMX