Our introduction to KYOTI, the art pop trio (Ed Burgon, David Mabbott, Benji Huntrods) currently based in London, is one that will leave a lasting impression. ‘Chimera’ channels grief and pain through the epic, complex and at times minimalistic electronic work, plus Ed Burgeon’s unflinching vocal delivery, as well as performance in the powerful Joe Birch-directed video. The whole song was, in fact, inspired by a spot of historical discovery on Burgeon’s part, when he read about 1930s actress Carole Lombard’s tragic death, who was at the time married to Clark Gable. As he expands: “Chimera is about moving past the loss of a loved one, and that strange internal conflict you feel at times of great change.” His deep understanding can be felt through the powerful electronic surges in the song, as well as the gospel keys perhaps echoing a religious ceremony such as a funeral or marriage, the quieter moments of contemplation and the dread of one’s own mortality heard in delicate refrain “borrowed time, I'm living on borrowed time, I'm living on." As we can see from the video, director Birch makes great use of the one-take approach; difficult to get right, but can produce stunning and unique results if done well. KYOTI were clearly up to the challenge, just see for yourself. - HT