L.A. based, Bulgarian-born Kan Wakan is gearing up for one hell of a release – his triple LP Phantasmagoria. In the run up to release day, Wakan has just released ‘No Line’, a storming number which showcases Wakan’s ability to blend organic, electronic and psychedelic in his inventive slant on R&B. As we’ve come to expect with Wakan, his newest tracks's trajectory is nowhere but upwards, ending in a huge crescendo at the three-minute mark with crashing percussion and the almightiest of bass piano riffs. It’s a miracle that vocalist SAÍGO's falsetto doesn’t get washed away amidst the wall of sound that Wakan creates, but the LA native soldiers on crying “Every time is the last time/You had me dreaming away/Only my fear of the world told me that you kept me safe”. If you can’t wait for its official release later this month, pre-order Phantasmagoria here and receive a plethora of exclusive goodies. -HM