J Appiah describes his sound as “soulful music that tells a personal story” and his comeback single ‘Run’ certainly doesn’t disappoint as the East London artist’s impressive vocal very much takes centre stage. From a withheld croon to gospel lifts to poppy woos to classic Rhythm & Blues growls, Jesse Appiah takes till the end of his three year hiatus to remind listeners exactly what they’ve been missing. Well, we haven’t quite been missing it, as he’s been providing backing vocals for notable names like Michael Kiwanuka, Kwabs, Jess Glynne and Maverick Sabre, and it’s clear this eclectic working life has influenced his contemporary style that comfortably uses modern-R&B electronics and acoustic strings. What these two elements alone give is an amorous air, ideal for “a song about being hard to love.” It’s surprising to hear that the British singer-songwriter hasn’t taken inspiration directly from real life, but from his own imagination, perhaps hinted by the lyric “it’s all in your head.” Look out for more from Jesse Appiah this year. - HT