Factory Flaws, the Italian record label who brought Giungla to the blogosphere’s attention, is vouching for another homegrown talent by the name of HÅN. From small town Lake Garda, which so happens to be the largest lake in the country, this new songwriting talent finds herself surrounded by natural beauty and yet has given rise to a moody, melancholic kind of pop as heard in debut ‘The Children’. Speaking about the song’s deep meaning, HÅN tells us that “‘The Children' is like someone running away from the things that they know and from the place in which they've always been, becoming aware of the oppression of 'the safe place'. At the same time, they feel like they’re inevitably bound to their home. It’s a kind of ambivalent feeling of both growing and missing what you leave by living this process." Her forlornly portrayed lyrics are kept unspecific, allowing the listener to impart their own experiences, feelings or thoughts onto the malleable word-choices. Reminiscent of dark-pop artists Daughter and Zoey Lily, ‘The Children’ almost has a haunting quality in the delicate guitar playing, spacious synths and layered, distant vocals. A very impressive first effort. - HT