GDNIGHT is a rather new singer-producer from the unlikely location of Manchester. Now, the reason we’re saying unlikely is because you wouldn’t exactly expect the tropical vibes heard in first official release ‘NOYOM’ (Nothin' On You, Nothin' On Me) to have been created in the typically grey scenery of this northern city. However, one thing increasingly associated with GDNIGHT's hometown is intoxicating dance and house sounds, which emerge as hallmarks of ‘90s club music in ‘NOYOM’. It’s old school done with style, and brought right up to the present with modern synthwork, production and GDNIGHT's motivational lyrics. Another notable influence is Carribean dancehall, a stalemate of any Mancunian DJ’s set, but also brought into popular consciousness by fellow city-dweller GAIKA. You won’t be able to miss GDNIGHT's take on this genre, as ghostly vocal samples introduce a gritty verse of self-belief and love. Excitingly, ‘NOYOM’ is the first of GDNIGHT's one-song-a-month project, which means we have plenty to look forward to. - HT