This week the three-piece Gangly (made up of Sin Fang’s Sindri Már Sigfússon, Samaris’ Jófríður Ákadóttir and Oyama’s Úlfur Alexander Einarsson) completed their first self-titled EP with ‘Drowning’, a song that resonates with their experimentalist textures, phantasmic electronics and an anthemic chorus. At many points throughout the EP, your mind will wander into comparisons of Bjork, Purity Ring and possibly even hints of Daughter in the lead vocal, all of which are testament to Gangly’s left-field prowess. As band member Einarsson summarises, ‘Drowning’ is “dark, and bleak, but with some hope at the end of the tunnel.” Another thing that followers of the Reykjavik outfit will be aware of is their bronze aesthetic rendered in 3D graphics that provides hypnotic, surrealist visuals to go along with their equally otherworldly sound. ‘Drowning’ is no exception as we once again enter into a realm of seemingly random objects intricately placed together in circling darkness. Directed by Sigfússon, this video brings to mind the opening credits for US television series American Gods, with all the religious regalia and warped meanings in tow. The EP is out right now via AMF Records. - HT