It was only in September that Foreign Air treated us to debut For The Light EP, which included stand out tracks ‘Echo’ and ‘Free Animal’. The North Carolina/Washington D.C. artist is already back with new single ‘Caffeine’, which departs from the electronic-infused sound of the aforementioned EP for a groovier take on his alt-rock-pop style. Reminiscent of funk-led bands like Jungle and TENDER, but with a little more bite in the lead singer’s punchy lines like “Call it drugs, call it caffeine, call it lust, call it sexy, I look sad, but I’m happy.” Throughout the verses, his words are as staggered as the bass blooms and intermittent high keys, but for the chorus, these elements become collected. Upping the volume, colouring in the spaces and declaring it all, Foreign Air once again proves his knack for creating catchy, vibrant hooks. Let’s hope another EP is on the way. - HT