Having been announced as ‘ones to watch’ by The Guardian, London trio Fassine are fast making waves with their epic, cinematic sound. The trio dropped Dialectik last year, and have just announced their second album, Feather Jesus, with new single ‘Gold’. The visuals feature a sublime animated story by James Gilleard and Steve Kirby, which depicts three characters isolated in a mountain chalet. Interspersed between shots of each character being interviewed individually, the sinister reasons why the characters have come to this remote place soon become obvious. The result is as eerie, psychedelic and spacey as the track which it accompanies, making for one hell of an audio/visual experience. Speaking about the track, Fassine say: "Gold' plays with the idea of the post-death condition and its tragic beauty, how this passing can be inviting and perfect." Keep one eye out for Feather Jesus, which is due to drop on 28th July… -HM