Lately, the young talent that is Daniel Wilson has been on the road with Kamasi Washington and it’s clear that he’s so much more than a (very good) band member. For the keen new music aficionado, you’ll know that the Michigan musician has served up two EPs (Boy Who Cried Wonder and Sinner Of The Week) over the past four years, but you get the sense that this most recent phase of Wilson’s work is his most honest and raw. ‘The Flight’ is a searing piano ballad that builds with the intense heat of all consuming emotion, beginning with a rich grand piano, the tension rises with the scenic synth keys, Wilson’s soaring falsetto, and these heavy doses of soul and blues. As the artist himself narrates, “I was born to choose. / Between laughing and smiling while feeling lousy, or to just sing the blues.” The track reaches a glorious gospel crescendo, leaving the listener in a daze of floating synths and ghostly aria as we fly through the clouds on this open-ended flight. - Hannah Thacker