‘Fair-Weather Friend’ is the latest of Bruno Major’s monthly recordings and it’s safe to say we aren’t disappointed. For the London-based artist this wasn’t an easy write, as he tells us: “April was tough. I'm a little late, but a week ago it sounded wrong and I didn't want to let go until it was ready. Fair-Weather Friend was written with Dan McDougall on the beautiful Blüthner grand at his parents’ house and recorded with Phairo in the shed in his garden and I'm happy to say, finally, that I'm really proud of it.” So he should be. Heavy nostalgia hangs in the air above Major’s expressive voice as he recalls a lost love with pain, regret and acceptance. “I know it won’t make you cry,” a sombre recognition that this song won’t achieve the desired effect on this former lover, but that’s not to say the potent realness won’t cause a few tears in the eyes of the subjective listener. Clicking play on ‘Fair-Weather Friend’ is like looking at an old photograph; faded through time, but the memories appear within touching distance. It really is something beautiful. - HT