In the past two days, the Los Angeles based producer/singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette treated us to two more songs from his forthcoming Feature Films EP, from which we previously drew attention to ‘Escape’ and title-track ‘Feature Film’. This time around we’re picking up on ‘Your Voice’, another superb example of his self-produced progressive soul. Introduced by tempered piano chords, Burnette sets the world to rights with his fast-paced iterations of life’s joys, struggles and that fact we take so much of it for granted. The central message is addressed to his newly born nephew - a future poet; a figure of hope; a life without error. The best advice that Uncle Brandyn is both practical and ideological, “I know that money talks, but baby boy, don’t lose your voice.” ‘Your Voice’ is arguably the simplest in terms of sonic elements and production that we’ve heard from this artist in recent months, but in terms of lyrical prowess, it’s a stunner. - HT