Following on from recent release ‘Escape’, Brandyn Burnette shares the title-track from his forthcoming EP Feature Films. Once again, this city-hopping songwriter takes his progressive soul core and pushes those boundaries with ‘Feature Film’. The production is stunning; the distant guitars and horns create a sense of space; the electronic melody is epic; that garage beat makes you want to dance; the alternating speeds keep the listener alert. There are plenty of audible aspects of the track to sink your teeth into here, but past the instrumentation, Burnette has also crafted a complex narrative that reveals itself with each new listen. As the Missourian musician discloses, “I wanted to write a song that captured the cinematic place my life was beginning to enter. Life felt like a movie, with all the plot twists and character developments in full swing. By the end of the process, I tried to imagine the life of a young movie starlet. How she must get so much attention already. I started reflecting on my own relationship. I'm in a band with the love of my life. Sometimes we're so involved in career that we forget what's in front of us. “Feature Film” is story about a man who finally appreciates the movie he's been watching right as it's ending." - HT