Blakey is a strong believer in total, uncompromising honesty as heard in his slow-moving electronic pop song ‘Prism Of Love’. It’s the second track that he’s released through co-owned label Holiday Pay Records, which was established in order to support artists who seek to push the limits of contemporary dance and pop music. In follow-up to debut ‘Addicted’, the unremitting yet gentle synth chords ease you into a song that maintains a romantic R&B sway throughout. Of course, the key element in ‘Prism Of Love’ is Blakey’s breathy croon which surrenders itself to pure emotion. Speaking on the track, this emerging London talent points out that "You can say a lot about a song, whether it’s good or bad, or whatever - But you can’t argue with someone being really honest and authentic about how they feel.” You know what Blakey, we just can’t argue with you there. - HT