In the first few moments of his new single ‘Moving’, East London singer-songwriter-producer biLLLy transports us to the kinetic environment of the dancefloor, before enveloping our ears in a rich tapestry of alternative-pop hooks, tropical club rhythms and a joyous trumpet interception. You literally can’t help but put some energy into those limbs, moving along to the motivating instrumentation and biLLLy’s resilient lyrics. It’s a post-breakup (or perhaps breakups) track that conveys how a person of your past won’t be the one to affect your future - that’s all you. Already compared to the last track we List Picked, ‘Up In The Air’, biLLLy’s production skills are more polished and build on the sounds he introduced earlier in the year with ‘Locked In’. One to look out for come 2018. -HT